To hell with UITM

I read with absolute disgust the response to Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim’s proposal that UITM set a 10% quota for non-Bumiputra students. I think UITM is nothing but a racist, mediocre institution. Can it even smell the fart of the National University of Singapore (NUS)? No. All that UITM is known for is winning ridiculous awards at dumb, lame-ass competitions and then boast about it as though they have won the Nobel Prize.

Speaking of Nobel Prizes, you want to know why Malaysia has never produced a single Nobel prize winner? Because of the stupid quota system in universities. Simple. 60% of places to Bumpitura (read: Muslim Malays) and the rest to the Chinese and Indians. That drama repeats itself every single year. And need I say that most of the Bumiputras who get into universities neither possess the brains nor the talent to be there? They are there not because they are intelligent, hardworking or talented. They are there just because they are Malays. That’s the simple truth. And that does not promote healthy competition which would improve the overall standards of the universities. It just produces mediocrity.

Don’t give me crap about “meritocracy”. The criteria for admission into local universities is a mockery of meritocracy. It is anti-meritocracy, no matter how you spin it. This is because the Bumiputras take their Matriculation exams and the non-Bumis take the STPM. I’ve personally asked a few non-Malays who’ve made it into Matriculation and they assure me that the syllabus is almost as simple as Form 3. If you’ve sat for the STPM exam, you’d know that it is one tough-ass examination to undergo. Therefore, it’s impossible to compare the two examinations and claim “meritocracy”. There is no way of comparing the two.

Anyway, I digress. It amuses me to see the whole bunch of MORONS from UITM protesting. They are so proud of their pathetic university. Hey, just a friendly reminder: you guys will be contributing significantly to the unemployment rate in Malaysia in a few years time. Or you could sign up for the civil service and come to work at 8am, have tea at 10am, lunch at 12pm, come back to work at 2pm, have more tea at 3.30pm and go home at 4.45pm. Like what happens in almost all government offices.

Why bother going to UITM if you’re non-Malay? Don’t waste 3 years of your life suffering the likes of these racist bastards and their lousy teaching. Find a way to go overseas and study and work and make a better life for yourself. You deserve better.


~ by gehirnlappen on August 13, 2008.

34 Responses to “To hell with UITM”

  1. fuck dis blog!! bastard minded who wrote dis blog!! u go to hell!! HAHA

  2. fuck this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mu la nate berok..xtaw pe2 men tulih je blog..kalo dpt taw mu ni sape mampuh la mu!!

  4. “And need I say that most of the Bumiputras who get into universities neither possess the brains nor the talent to be there? They are there not because they are intelligent, hardworking or talented. They are there just because they are Malays.”

    You should really draw a line here. It should be IPTA and not Universities. IPTS is a university too.

    Having written the above, you are a racist too. And it takes a racist to know another.

  5. Lets debate this thing…
    I want to meet you, and lets have an academic discussion…
    If you have the balls of course…

  6. My my my… it sure didn’t take long to shake the tree upon which the monkeys dwelt!

    To NoktahHitam, I must admit that I meant ITPAs. My apologies. And by the way, I don’t think I’m racist. I don’t tolerate anyone who claims his/her race is superior or deserves more. I believe in meritocracy. If you have what it takes, then you will get the opportunity. If not, too bad for you.

    To Khaleeq, I don’t think that there’s any issue to debate. I think it’s as clear as day. Malaysian public universities suck. And we all know why, unless we choose to be ignorant.

  7. org semenanjung mmg racist pun. end of story.

  8. so afraid of competition that they took 5000 ppl to the streets…haha

  9. yeah….i agree, to hell to UiTM, malays are already being given so much privileges and benefits, come on! ever heard any chinese or indian are able to get into government university easily, we must get fucking good grades, gr8 curiculum etc. for malays, jus apply then u will get alreayd UNFAIR…the menteri besar jus giving out 10% quota and it share among foreign,chinese and indians!

    so y protest? cant take it that someone will more clever to enter to university, and it show how stupid are u guys?

    PROTEST?!! how come all these students was not even given warning or EXPELLED?

    bunch of fucking racist…

    u(malays) all will ONLY help us when u all need our support, when come to sharing only 10% of that university..this is wat happen..

  10. All malays.. if betul ada otak belajar … compete equally in studies… sit for STPM exam with other Malaysian students … tarak otak punye all malays.. dapat scolarship / loan .. beli motorbike, handphone, joli, dadah …. jadi mat rempit .. minah rempit..

  11. ko ni mmg babi!!

  12. tohellUitm, I hear ya, bro…

    Justice, you forgot about the part where they flip Ramli burgers… lol.

    growist, itu sajakah yang mampu engkau katakan? Otak kering lah tu.

  13. i’m a bumiputera(non-malay) and study at the local university but not UITM (thanks to God for that).we don’t have discrimination against other races because they thought us in the lecture…racist are for narrow minded people. i don’t quite understand what’s all the fuss about the 10%??why are they so afraid of the 10%…if they learn statistic they should know that they still out-number the non-bumis.(by they i mean all the students who join the protest)it’s time for EQUALITY…what the hell happen to Malaysia…everywhere u see the slogan Bangsa Malaysia but yet when the 10% was propose..all people go nuts and make’s pathetic.i don’t know about you guys but i have better things to do then to wake up every morning and wishing the non-bumis to not enter the local University…say no to RACIST!!

  14. im deadly proud to be MALAYSIAN…Opss d spell is M A L A Y sia..
    ever u wonder y our country called like that…?because this lucky land belongs to malay..d first men step onto this land were malay…the first men opened melaka also a what?n of cos long2 time ago malays never “imported” from elsewhre bcos this is where malays belongs to..if malay was racist, then y there r still indian n chinese here…?just be thankful to be accepted here..don u feel ashame of what u nonsense about?


  16. juz want share my experience…
    last year, im lookin 4 a part time job..
    additional information, most of the shops were owns by a chinese.
    eventhought they stick a vacancy’s note, but they not interested to hired me. y? bcos im a student? she sa no. it’s bcos im a malay. they want to hired only a chinese..wat the hell..?!
    fine, 4 me its only a small metter bcos after that i got an offer by a shop that only placed a couple door from the chinese’s shop.
    after 2, 3 day i’v heard that the chinese shop was hired a chinese girl to take the part time job..a high shcool girl..with a freaky style..i dunno noe wat happen atcually, but i heard from my tokey that the chinese girl had stole the money from the chinese shop’s cash drawer and run away..
    hahaha…padan muka..the racist deserve that such punishment..mybe malay such a racist…how about that chinese?
    isn’t she was racist too?
    to the owner of this fuckin blog…u need to learn more the meaning of life.. dont hypocrite.. canang buruk org sane sni..buruk sendri, nape x cite? no need to write this ridiculous shyte..people have an eye, an ears , a brain…they know to judge..u are fool…shame urself! son of bitch!

  17. Dear Proud to be Malaysian,

    Firstly, I think if the shopowner is racist then he/she deserved what she got and for that you have my sympathy. However, I do suspect that the main reason is that your Engrish, sorry English, is rather, how shall I say, lousy.

    “im deadly proud to be MALAYSIAN…Opss d spell is M A L A Y sia..”

    I’m deadly proud to laugh at you. And by the way, Malays immigrated from Indonesia. That’s where Parameswara came from right? The only true bumiputra are the Orang Asli, Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts, Penans, Bidayuhs and all the other natives of Sabah and Sarawak. You, are as much an immigrant as I am ;-p

    Oh, please try at least to argue against what I said. Don’t just rant like some amok.

    Peace be upon me

  18. i think u have a big problem to understand what the meaning of perlembagaan malaysia. excuse me sir or miss or whatever, uitm is for us…malay and bumiputera…that are already in our law and perlembagaan…why so difficult to u understand?? or maybe u are jealous…i think u have bad experience with application of upu i rite??huhu…u are failure, my dear.. xdapat masuk uitm ar tue…no wonder u can said and wrote like that…u nak sgt study kat oversea, just go…and don’t never and ever said we are at uitm with the very dumb word…sory..”BODOH”…that word just suitable to you..not us at uitm…coz we are special not like u, my pity of dear…

  19. Dear Cinta Aku,

    I beg to differ but I think you are the one who cannot understand the Constitution. There is no such thing as special rights in the constitution. Neither is there any “special” position for any race. Don’t believe me? Go read it. I doubt very much that you will understand it, because based on the way you write, you are as bodoh as any UITM product which is almost as bodoh as bodoh can get. You can never be more bodoh than a UITM student.

    I wouldn’t ever have bothered to go to UITM, thank you. Not in a million years. Why would I want to be surrounded by bodoh people such as yourself? :-p

    Peace be upon me

  20. Malaysia must be the only country in the world that tries to help the dumb and throw away the smart. Thanks to them, countries like US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia is reaping the benefits of the Malaysian brain drain. Why are they so scared of a little competition from non Malays? I personally know people from Harvard and Oxbridge that was marginalized by local universities and they have decided to stay in UK and US after graduation.

    No competition, no improvement, as simple as that. Half a century of helping and still not enough? OMG.

  21. ns, not only that… they even encourage you to leave malaysia. “You tak suka, you keluar!”

  22. Woi, kalau nak beradu intelek, otak tu kena matangla sikit. Melayu memang bangsa pengecut… cakap je besar. Bila dicabar (walau 10% pun) terus melalak.

  23. Aiya! Enuff oredi! We all Malaysians ARE RACIST! I’m haf chinese-haf Kadazan, n i’m proud of my heritage. i don like Malays cuz when i moved up here (Semenanjung), melayu made fun of me, my accent and referred me as ”orang sana” with a look of disgust on their faces.
    but after a while, my fair skin turned brown (tan) cuz i just love the sun, n cuz i got wavy hair, then i was discriminated by the Chinese cuz they thot I’m malay! Yuck! i’ll never be malay, no fucking way!
    and then, after hi skool, i was not as active, so my skin got fair again, n one day, i went to this Indian newspaper shop n was given bad treatment! but then, later he apologized cuz he thot i’m chinese!
    so there you go. MALAYSIANS ARE ALL RACIST, regardless of wat race u are. i swear to GOD, I did not make these up, i DID experience them, n on more than 1 occasions.
    but i hate malays the most, cuz 90% of them are racist. n o9h yeah, TO HELL WITH UiTM
    long live non-malays!

  24. hahahaha.. for crying out loud!! if u guys are sooooooooo gooooood… then why not make this country a better place.. not worse??? no matter who we are, racist or not, we are still here, on this one same ground.. any one of you who have left a comment here could be the one who can make a difference to this i-dunno-how-to-describe place!! ever think of that??? everything starts from a scratch! we need peace not war – a never ending “debate” (???) like this that leads to nowhere!!! please guys! wake up!!
    call me an idealist but… hmm.. just give it a thought guys!!!!!!

  25. We all should open up our mind and stop criticising one another. …..But, really, in today’s globalised world, if UiTM is still so inward looking with its ‘single race policy’, sampai kiamat pun tak ke mana mana. Racism is never permitted by Allah. We all should remember !

  26. Most of them is stupid UITM such as Eddycawan bin bodoh

  27. most of them is useless idoit

  28. UITM??? what is that? i think it is worst than the ite we have in singapore

  29. the person who write this is so low minded. never think overall on y bumiputera diutamakan. n fyi, is not only malay enter uitm. other races like iban, kadazan, kenyah, n all the native races are bumiputera. dont be so low minded ok.

  30. n further more if u all think malaysia is worst or stupid or racist, why bother stay here long enough just to see the choas on racist in the future. y dont u go bck to ure own country. see how u feel living there. ok? think bout it. you’ve all seen it in the news on ure own ‘coutry’ right? really? do u want to live there or malaysia? everybody cn be racist sometimes ok. we r all human. stupid la u all bringing this topic out. never hve a sit to think bout this. hmm. even this person who started this topic is racist, HE TALKS ABOUT BUMIPUTERA! isnt dat racist too? stupid never finish

  31. another add up, sorry to say, people living in semenanjung mostly are racist. thats why all the crime always happen there.

    • dude, you can’t even write proper English. I’ll bet you studied in UITM. That goes to show the “quality” of the UITM students. You can’t even communicate properly. If you’re from Sabah or Sarawak, I’m sorry to say you don’t reflect well on those two states either.

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