Bangkitlah Melayu? Jangan mudah melentinglah… Bising saja…

Ah, the call to run amok! How long was it since we heard that sweet old refrain? Less than 24 hours I think. Yup. Here we go again, people. The rabid dogs of UMNO are at it again, frothing at their mouths and screaming about their usual Ketuanan Melayu and how the “other races” are attempting to “undermine” the “special position of the Malays” by questioning the “social contract”.


Utusan Malaysia’s frontpage was emblazoned with two huge words: BANGKITLAH MELAYU. The article itself was actually rather short was a rehash of the racist dogs barking about Najib’s 1malaysia being equated with DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia. However, the first few lines of the article were incredibly seditious, by any standard. Take a read:

Orang Melayu perlu bangkit dan bersatu dalam berhadapan dengan tuntutan kaum lain yang kini dilihat semakin keterlaluan.

Mereka juga perlu sedar dan insaf dengan situasi politik semasa yang menyaksikan pelbagai tuntutan hingga boleh menjejaskan kekuatan politik orang Melayu.

Sehubungan itu, orang Melayu diminta tidak tunduk kepada tuntutan keterlaluan tersebut sebalik bangkit bersatu bagi mempertahankan hak dan kepentingan mereka.

Instead of reporting a news event, Utusan used the first three sentences to incite racism. But that is not the end of things. Utusan elaborated further on what that racist disabled-person-insulting fat bitch Ibrahim Ali said regarding racial equality. Here are a few gems:

…pemimpin bukan Melayu dalam hal ini perlu sedar yang sesebuah kerajaan itu boleh sahaja untuk tidak ‘melayan’ tuntutan mereka.

Katanya, jumlah kerusi terbanyak di Parlimen adalah milik Melayu dan ia cukup untuk membentuk sebuah kerajaan berasaskan wakil rakyat Melayu semata-mata di negara ini.

Katanya, justeru, dari segi politiknya kerajaan itu sepatutnya memenuhi apa sahaja yang menjadi kehendak Melayu kerana mereka adalah majoriti dan bukan asyik bertolak ansur dengan bukan Melayu…

…Parti Melayu akan kuat bila Melayu dijaga. Jadi UMNO kena fokus orang Melayu. Jadi UMNO tak perlu takut kerana saya lihat bila UMNO itu kuat orang bukan Melayu automatik akan sokong juga Barisan Nasional (BN) macam dulu…

Bitch. Yesterday, this bitch was screaming about treason, disloyalty to the monarchy and weirdly enough, brought up Singapore. But today, he goes way beyond the the usual UMNO rants of Ketuanan Melayu. He actually says that since the majority of seats in Parliament are in “Malay” hands, they should form a “Malay” government and then would be able to ignore the “whims” of the non-Malays. If this is not hate speech and an attempt to incite hatred and inter-racial discord, then what is? If at any time I would support the use of the Sedition Act, it’s now. This bitch deserves to be thrown in prison and literally become someone’s bitch. I’d celebrate the day someone burns this bitch’s house to the ground with him locked up inside.

Fat ugly bitch

Fat ugly bitch

Interestingly enough, there is an article titled Jangan Mudah Melenting in Utusan as well which is basically accusing the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese, of being “over-sensitive” and “whining” and “howling” when the “government” reprimands them. The article was mainly commenting on the controversy surrounding Muhyiddin Yassin’s bitch-fit about the Chinese being “ungrateful” or rather as he “clarified” today, unappreciative. It goes on to say that Muhyiddin’s comment was valid and that since the Chinese voters did not appreciate the magnanimity and generosity UMNO has shown them (e.g. tossing them some loose change near election time for the purpose of Chinese education) by voting for BN, perhaps the BN should just spend money on “Malay” projects since the Malays always support the BN.

You know, this article is so exaggerated, lopsided, preposterous and downright silly that anyone who actually believes it and takes it seriously should be considered mentally-retarded. However, I expect that the UMNO sycophants who read this article would be vigorously nodding their empty, air-filled heads in blind agreement whilst complaining loudly about how the ungrateful non-Malays do not appreciate UMNO’s generosity.

I won’t even bother commenting on that ridiculous article. The stupidity, the incredibly shallow reasoning, the self-delusions, the idiocy of it is just too glaringly obvious.


~ by gehirnlappen on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bangkitlah Melayu? Jangan mudah melentinglah… Bising saja…”

  1. Tuan Guru Nik Aziz should have not allowed this opportunist Ibrahim Ali to run for elections on PAS ticket

  2. I absolutely agree, SayNo2Racism. Unfortunately, as RPK put it in his article, this fat-faced monyet managed to hoodwink PAS into thinking that he was on the side of Pakatan. In truth, he remained the faithful bitch to UMNO.

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