More anti-Chinese bashing from Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia is like this broken gramophone that constantly cranks out racist golden oldies. Ignoring the waves of criticism against their recent “Bangkitlah Melayu” rants, today they published a column (Dilema BN terhadap Pengundi Bukan Melayu) by the so-called President of the Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Wartawan dan Penulis Melayu Malaysia which is basically another thinly-disguised piece of hate speech aimed at agitating UMNO supporters into thinking that the non-Malays (specifically the Chinese) are undermining the BN (read: UMNO) and taking advantage of Malay “disunity” to impose their political aspirations on the nation.

Now, I am not against anyone criticizing the Chinese in Malaysia. In fact, if there is any race in Malaysia that needs to get it’s ass kicked, it’s the Chinese. For years, 50 years for fuck’s sake, the Chinese were like this schizophrenic group of people that oscillated between the BN and the DAP. I dare say that the current predicament facing the non-Malays in Malaysia i.e. body-snatching, erosion of religious rights etc. are a result of the attitude of the Chinese for the last fucking 50 years. After May 13 1969, the Chinese attitude became incredibly insular; they were willing to forgo all their political rights as long as they were able to do business, earn a living and pursue Chinese education and culture. The Chinese were so unwilling to rock the boat as they feared their rice bowl would be affected. UMNO was able to corrupt the entire country and oppress the rights of the minorities as the Chinese continued to blindly support UMNO’s faithful bitch, the MCA, and shun the DAP although Lim Kit Siang was fighting so vociferously for the community. They didn’t understand (or chose not to) the more esoteric concepts like equality, justice, human rights and were just transfixed like myopic morons on two things: their rice bowl and Chinese education. As a consequence, we ended up in the muck we are in today where the entire country is under UMNO’s hegemony and everyone, except UMNOputras, is suffering.

I digress. The point I wanted to make was simple: I am not against anyone criticizing the Chinese, as long as the criticism is valid.

Utusan’s article however, is inflammatory and factually incorrect on many points. It attempts to pin the loss of BN in the two Bukits on the support of non-Malays for the Pakatan.

Pertama, pengundi-pengundi bukan Melayu masih terpedaya dengan dakyah-dakyah parti pembangkang yang yakin boleh merealisasikan Malaysian Malaysia.

I dare to say that even the Malays are sick and tired of UMNO’s divisive tactics. It is impossible to ignore the groundswell of support among the Malay electorate for the Pakatan. Just looking at the racial breakdown of the two constituencies, it would be totally impossible for the Pakatan to have won if the Malay community did not support it. I find it interesting that Utusan considers the non-Malays to have been “deceived” (terpedaya) by the “lie” (dakyah) of equality.

Kedua, sikap ini secara umumnya mendorong para pengundi bukan Melayu supaya tidak mengundi BN walaupun segala permintaan yang dikehendaki oleh pengundi bukan Melayu telah dipenuhi oleh BN dengan pemberian pelbagai peruntukan di kawasan-kawasan berkenaan.

Mereka mengambil sikap: ambil kemudahan kerajaan tetapi tolak pentadbirannya, walaupun tidak ada kemudahan yang serupa diberi oleh pembangkang kepada pengundi-pengundi bukan Melayu.

The writer actually thinks that the BN has fulfilled ALL its obligations to the electorate by tossing out some loose change at them just before the elections. Right… do I even need to argue this totally preposterous point?!

Here comes the goodie:

Trend yang serupa dipamerkan dalam pilihan raya kecil Parlimen Kuala Terengganu. Penolakan pengundi Cina terhadap BN boleh dilihat, sungguhpun mereka mendapat bantuan kerajaan dan tidak mendapat bantuan pembangkang.

If the writer had half a brain (I doubt he has), he would remember that non-Malay i.e. Chinese support for the BN candidate had actually increased in that by-election. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

The writer also had the audacity to accuse the MCA and Gerakan for the erosion of support for the BN (like that’s logical) as they questioned Ketuanan Melayu and the social contract which he considered to be topics that “captured the imagination” of the non-Malays. That’s a laugh. The MCA and Gerakan have been nothing but the running bitches of UMNO and only recently have they had the courage to gently disagree with their master.

The writer then erupts into a tirade of hate speech towards the end of his disgusting article:

Di samping itu, tindakan-tindakan berani pemimpin-pemimpin DAP yang meletakkan papan-papan tanda jalan dalam bahasa Cina di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor sebenarnya manifestasi politik yang berasaskan aspirasi orang Cina, bukan berdasarkan asas-asas pemerintahan di Malaysia…

…pengundi-pengundi bukan Melayu teruja dengan rentak kempen dan propaganda anti UMNO dan BN. Sikap dan tindakan mereka disokong oleh Pas dan PKR yang hanya ingin menang dalam pilihan raya dan tidak mempedulikan ground rules dalam politik di Malaysia.

Kepada mereka ini, tidak mengapa kalau kuasa orang Melayu diambil alih orang lain asalkan mereka menjadi sebahagian kecil daripada pasukan yang menang.

Hakikat ini sehingga hari ini masih gagal dicanang oleh pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO untuk menyedarkan orang Melayu.

Akhir sekali, pemimpin-pemimpin BN, terutama UMNO, perlu memahami trend pemikiran parti-parti politik Cina hari ini. Apakah yang harus mereka buat dalam keadaan seperti ini?

Adakah perlu mereka mengambil risiko dalam Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13?

Is he suggesting that all the Chinese political parties are conspiring to erode Malay political power? Is he suggesting that UMNO ditches it’s BN non-Malay parties in the next election and “go it alone” to restore Malay political power? Does he consider it a risk for UMNO to have the MCA and Gerakan (Chinese political parties) as partners in the next GE?

I do hope that UMNO goes it alone in the next GE. That would seal UMNO’s fate forever.


~ by gehirnlappen on April 16, 2009.

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