I read with interest Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s article today on the Storming of the Bastille. To the uninitiated, this was one of the pivotal events in the French Revolution, which led to the formation of the Republic of France as well to the very bloody end of the French Monarchy and aristocracy and many corrupt politicians. In case we all get cold feet and fear being charged for treason, let us remember what the Sultan of Perak has done for his people of late. Remember when we thought that His Majesty, the supposed paragon of justice in a “reformed” monarchy, would dissolve the state assembly in response to the three traitors from Pakatan defecting to the BN? Remember how we hoped that His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah would uphold the tenets of justice and defend his people against the oppression of UMNO?

But how wrong we all were! How mistaken we were to assume that the supposedly just Ruler was on the side of the people! How we were blind-sided by His Royal Highness! How foolish of us to presume that His Majesty was actually interested in the well-being of his people! How silly of us all to think that the Oh-So-Noble Shoes (i.e. Duli Yang Maha Mulia) would stand up to the filthy, scumbag Najib and dissolve the state assembly! Instead, the former Lord President, who was busy spouting ideals like justice and democracy not too long ago, handed the state government to UMNO. Just like that. How could we have trusted him so much?! Perhaps it was because His Majesty wrote a book called Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance in which he waxed lyrical about lofty ideals. Then again, how dumb of us to forget that TALK IS CHEAP!

Why did we place such high hopes on the Sultan? Why did we assume that his decision would reflect the will of the people? How dare we assume that the High and Mighty Shoes would be actually interested in our little lives! Who are his subjects but mere tax-payers who support his royal lifestyle? Who are the people but mere humans who were not fortunate enough to be born into royalty? Who are the rakyat but a ragtag bunch who, if they could afford it, would have to pay for their own golf club fees? Oh, how audacious of us to assume that the Royal One would take a break from his rigorous golf schedule to tend to something as vague as democracy and justice! Has the Palace of Perak regretted its folly and turned from its mistake? Judging by how the Palace has ignored Nizar’s request for an audience with the Sultan, the monarchy of Perak seems intent on being UMNO’s puppet.

Who is this Sultan Azlan Shah we had heaped such high hopes on? Is he the Son of God, appointed to rule by the Mandate of Heaven? Is he the son of Zeus? Is he the incarnation of Amon-Ra, the Sun God or maybe Vishnu? Is he divine or even semi-divine? Who is he that we respect so and entrust with our future? Is he incorruptible and sinless, perhaps born of virgin birth? Is he not a mere mortal just like us? Is he not a human being like one of us? Is he not just an ordinary person who happened to be lucky enough to have a father who happened to be Sultan? Is he not also selfish and self-serving? Is he not also tempted by wealth and power like any ordinary human? Is he not prone to abusing his authority and oppressing those under him, just like any other mortal man? Is he not also prone to being afflicted with dementia and a deterioration of his faculties especially with age? Is he not also tempted by lure of corruption?

Who is this Azlan Shah that the destiny of Perak should be determined by him and his descendants? Who is he that we should continue to pay taxes that support his royal lifestyle? If the King stands for justice and upholds righteousness, then the people would gladly support him. But if the King does nothing when corrupt and evil men plot and threaten his people, then what good is he? Is he not as useless as a used menstrual pad? Is he not as worthless as a stray dog? If the King instead facilitates the perpetuation of corruption and oppression, then he has become nothing but a burden on his people. He has become a yoke of bondage that would be cast off and destroyed by the power of the people.

Lest the Sultan forgets, we should remind him that he is a mere mortal like one of us. And if his memory serves him correctly, let him also remember the fate of corrupt and incompetent kings. Let him remember King Gyanendra of Nepal who was ousted from the palace by popular vote and sent into exile. He who once thought of himself as the incarnation of a Hindu god was nothing but a mere human being. Let him remember the fate of Czar Nicholas of Russia, who was overthrown by a population that was finally too enraged by his incompetence and hopeless leadership. And perhaps, we should warn him about the fate of King Louis XVI of France who lost his head at the guillotine during the French Revolution. Beware the wrath of the people, oh Sultan, lest you meet the fate of these rather unfortunate Sovereigns.

Perhaps a revolution similar to the French Revolution would be good for the nation. Perhaps it is time that the rakyat got so angry and so enraged with the rot in the political system, the judiciary, the police and in all branches of government that we rise up, storm the Bastilles of our nation, seize the corrupt leaders and bring them to a bloody end. Perhaps it would be a blessing for Malaysia if all the corrupt judges, police, politicians met their end at the gallows or the guillotine. Would it not be great day when the righteous and just can rejoice as they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked and the corrupt?

It is not inconceivable that Malaysia could one day become a republic. Who knows? It could start with Perak.


~ by gehirnlappen on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Revolution”

  1. wha.. you want to start revolution ehh.., after the Sultan have gave you shit ancestor citizenship here, you want to start revolution? I would be happy to kill you and you scumbshit!!!

  2. Hee, before you comment, go back to school and learn how to spell and speak English properly. Retard.

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