Verdict: Perak’s Sultanate is Rotten

It amuses me no end to read two articles in Malaysiakini – one reporting Sultan Azlan Shah’s speech and the other on Raja Nazrin’s. Both in essence were an attempt to try to reclaim some dignity for the reputation of the Perak Palace after the bashing it received following the Perak political crisis. The Perak Sultanate had built a reputation as being the new enlightened, just institution following various speeches by both Azlan Shah and Raja Nazrin. However, as everyone knows, talk is cheap and when the shit hits the fan, the Perak Sultanate proved to be nothing more than a useless institution that could not and would not stand up to UMNO and defend the rights of the people that they claim to represent.

The Sultan denied Nizar’s request to dissolve the state assembly, he unjustly sacked Nizar as Menteri Besar, he swore in an illegitimate bastard as the new MB and his equally illegitimate cabinet, he ignored Nizar’s request for an audience, he has remained silent in the wake of the courts interference in the Speaker’s duties and to top it all off, he makes that bastard Zambry a Datuk Seri.

It is by your actions and not your words that you shall be judged. It on the basis of the evil and injustice of your actions, O Azlan Shah, that your throne is judged. Your throne has thus been proven to be nothing but the seat of evil, the seat of oppression, the seat of injustice and the seat of cowardice. Your throne has lost all credibility and dignity in the sight of your own people. The people who once loved you as a monarch now spit on your name and your reputation. The people who once thought of you as a great sultan now utterly despise even the mention of your name. You have proven yourself to be nothing more than UMNO’s stooge and dog. That you dare state that you are not “blind, deaf or mute” only magnifies your cowardice – if you knew of the oppression, corruption and evil of UMNO and did not act to stop it, then what use are you?

You have been weighed and have been found sorely wanting. Your actions are that of a coward and a spineless puppet. The people have judged you, O former Judge, and their verdict is that your house is rotten, unjust, corrupt and useless. The verdict is that you have brought utter shame and humiliation on yourself and your throne. No respect is due such a king. May you meet the same fate and ignominy as King Louis XVI of France!


~ by gehirnlappen on April 19, 2009.

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