Oh for Allah’s sake…

Eight churches attacked in Malaysia. Eight. All over the use of a single word.

Firstly, the party that instigated this entire affair is not the Muslims or the Christians – it was UMNO. Remember when the Home Ministry decided to make an issue of the use of the word Allah? Before that, no one really gave much thought to the issue. The Ibans used the word as part of their Bibles and the Herald used it in their Malay language news. Then when Badawi became PM, the issue of banning the use of the word Allah in the Christian context was raised but seemed to be resolved. However, the Home Ministry, just before the 2008 elections, decided to raise the issue one more time and expected the Herald to play along with its games. The Herald decided to stand it’s ground and when a High Court judge stood by her principles, this is where we are at today. You can read all the news reports in sites like Malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider.

This is a ridiculous situation. All over the Middle East, Christian Arabs use the word Allah and the rest of the Muslim Arabs have no problem with it. Malaysia, however, must somehow be more Islamic than the Arabs and try to copyright the word Allah, since their Arab brethren failed to protect that word. This is reminiscent of and yet even more ridiculous than the riots that erupted when the Danes published the Mohammad cartoons. The Muslim reaction was definitely an extremely exaggerated response to a few harmless little cartoons but at least the cartoons actually poked fun at their prophet!

Eight churches attacked. Over what? The use of a single word? This is stupidity at its best. Where was the rage when the Nigerian man tried to explode his underwear and kill innocent people on a Flight 253? Where was the anger when a suicide bomber killed dozens at a volleyball game in Pakistan? Where was the outpouring of fury when gunmen killed 7 Coptic Christians as they exited a church in Egypt?

All those protesting and getting all upset over Malay-speaking Christians who use the word Allah are nothing but irrational, idiotic hypocrites. You rejoice either openly or secretly when innocent people are killed by your terrorist brethren but jump about as if you have explosives in your underwear just because someone else uses the same word that you use to refer to your god to refer to their own god. Oh for Allah’s sake…


~ by gehirnlappen on January 11, 2010.

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